Runaway Express Mystery

Runaway Express Mystery

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Runaway Express Mystery

Runaway Express Mystery

Runaway Express Mystery

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While a young mother attends a train exhibition with her children, something strange happens. The monumental Runaway Express starts moving with her children on board! With no one to help, the frightened mother jumps on the train before it starts to speed away. While on board, she finds that it is occupied by unexpected travelers - ghosts of people who died on board during those 50 years the train was operating between Paris and Istanbul. Every death, every person, every ghost holds some mystery that has yet to be investigated. Now, these haunted souls rule the train and it is no longer suitable for the living. The young mother finds that the only way to save her children is to investigate the haunted past and bring some resolution to these lost souls. Will it break the curse? Will uncovering each mystery free every soul? Why do the passengers fear the masked Engineer? Unveil the mysteries to find out how to defeat him, but beware, doing so comes at a price.
  • Explore many unique locations
  • Uncover the mysteries of the cursed train
  • Enjoy beautiful Hidden Object sceneries
  • Solve puzzling minigames

System Requirements:
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 1024
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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Publisher: Big Fish Games
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Runaway Express Mystery Game Reviews and Tips

Runaway Express Mystery - Can you rescue the lost children inside the cursed train? When her children are kidnapped by a mysterious conductor, a mother jumps on an antique train and finds herself surrounded by unusual passengers.