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Sparkle Unleashed

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Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed

Sparkle Unleashed

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A hidden world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. Now you must make your way through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and discover a way to banish the darkness once and for all. Unlock potent powerups and use them to overcome Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs, Survival levels and other exciting challenges. Can you carve a path of light through the darkness? Sparkle Unleashed introduces floating Orb Slinger gameplay never before seen in a Sparkle series game. The unleashed Orb Slinger floats along the bottom of the screen providing a new kind of action puzzle experience.
  • 108 challenging levels
  • An arsenal of 18 potent powerups to choose from
  • Play survival mode and two additional difficulty settings
  • Play the original Sparkle

System Requirements:
CPU: 800 Mhz
Memory: 256
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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Publisher: Big Fish Games
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Sparkle Unleashed - Unleash the Orbs! Can you carve a path of light through the darkness in this marble shooting adventure?