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Weeping Skies

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Weeping Skies

Weeping Skies

Weeping Skies

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My father, Sherlock Stiles, had been withering before my very eyes. I had heard of an elixir that can restore the strength of his youth, but its cost was much too high. When I took the case of the disappearance of the wife of Puss in Boots, I planned to fetch a good sum from it. The greed of my feline client was known throughout the city, but I believed his promise of a “plentiful reward.” The whole affair began like an ordinary kidnapping. Who would have thought that this case would bring villains of all kinds and all ranks under the scrutiny of my magic magnifying glass? Or that I myself would end up at the center of a crisis? Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and secrets in this dark and gloomy town full of magical inhabitants. Encounter winding alleyways, demonic traps, familiar characters, and mind-bending puzzles!
  • Explore 39 gloomy locations!
  • 19 hidden object scenes
  • 13 captivating mini-games
  • Enjoy enchanting music!

System Requirements:
CPU: 1.4 GHz
Memory: 1024
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

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Publisher: Big Fish Games
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Weeping Skies - Unravel an intricate detective story! Puss in Boots just showed up at my office with a request. Help investigate the kidnapping of his beloved and delve into a world full of secrets!