Jigsaw World Tour 2

Jigsaw World Tour 2

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Jigsaw World Tour 2

Jigsaw World Tour 2

Jigsaw World Tour 2

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Before you set off to your next destination, play Jigsaw Tour 2! Venice, Chicago, Peking, Munich, Athens... 700 photographs of famous sights in 7 of the most beautiful cities of the world. What's the Carnival of Venice like? What do they eat in Peking? What should you bring back as a memento from Munich? Where is the birthplace of the sacred fire of the Greek gods? Find out everything a city is famous for in the world of tourism. Experience culture and tradition in the comfort of your own home. Travel around the world with Jigsaw Tour 2! See architecture, monuments, art, national clothing, cooking and souvenirs. Enjoy high quality images, intuitive controls, in-game help, and heaps of clues and tools to help you configure the game to your liking. Special tasks and trophies make the game even more entertaining.
  • Two in one! A puzzle game and a round-the-world tour!
  • Earn trophies to commemorate your achievements
  • Save your progress at any time
  • Enjoy high quality images
  • Try the original Jigsaw World Tour!

Requisiti di sistema:
CPU: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 512
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

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Jigsaw World Tour 2 - In Jigsaw Tour 2 visit the finest places in the world! Choosing where to go on vacation? This new puzzle game can help you take a virtual tour around the most famous tourist cities of the world!